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As NIA Ventures we seek out and build ventures that allow us to meet the needs of tomorrow. Our Swahili-inspired name embodies our commitment to empowering founders to build thriving ventures that make have a triple impact social , economic and environmental. We are more than a startup support organization. We are a community that celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship as powerful tools to build a better future, one purposeful venture at a time.


Our Team

Daylene Bichan’ga

Cofounder and CEO

Lilian Wambua


Soud Juma

Program associate

Dennis Ayoni

Business Advisor

Michael Okoth

Business Advisor

Bruni Lemashon

Business Advisor

Hillary Njunguna

Business Advisor

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Freequently asked questions

Nia Ventures is a purpose-driven business training and consultancy firm dedicated to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our name, "Nia," reflects our commitment to nurturing passionate and determined business owners.

NO. There are absolutely no fees to pay to participate. In fact, we will pay you a stipend so you can focus on this critical work.

The Boost Plus Program is an initiative focused on supporting youth and women entrepreneurs in coastal Kenya, particularly in Kwale, Kilifi, and Mombasa counties. It includes incubation, advisory, and financial support to help over 300 young entrepreneurs start their businesses.

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